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What we do

The purple school program supports schools in nurturing an environment of development and flourishing using tools and practices from mindfulness and social-emotional learning, and scientific knowledge from the field of neuroscience.

Why we do it

Because of major educational challenges in an ever-changing world. Schools are facing major challenges, such as violence, growing rates of depression and anxiety in pupils, stress and teacher burnout. At the same time, the curriculum and many pedagogical practices currently used in schools, seem less and less relevant in today’s world. In order to successfully overcome these challenges, we need to help teachers and pupils develop skills such as self-awareness and social awareness, caring, social responsibility and accountability, emotion regulation and mental resilience, critical thinking, creativity and flexibility. These skills are important both at the individual and at the organizational level, so that the school embodies the same qualities it strives to nurture in its pupils.

How we do it

אייקון של אדם שמטפס לראש הר

The teachers implement mindfulness-based SEL practices and tools in  their classrooms and other school activities, nurturing social-emotional development in their pupils.


The relationships between the teachers, the pupils and their parents improve, leading to a better school climate.


The training helps teachers develop skills such as mindful awareness, attention, clarity of mind, emotion regulation and empathy, reducing stress and burnout.


We give professional training courses and mentoring sessions to teachers that choose to learn mindfulness-based social-emotional practices.

Purple school tracks

Three-year track

• Year 1: A 30-hour teacher training course “introduction to mindfulness and neuroscience” to a group of up to 25 teachers, mindful leadership training and personal as well as organizational mentoring to school leaders (principal and leading teachers).
• Year 2: An advanced 30-hour teacher training course in contemplative pedagogies, in which the teachers start to develop and implement these pedagogies at the class and organization level.
• Year 3: Personal and organizational mentoring of school leaders and teachers to deepen the implementation in all school routines and activities.

One-year track

• A 30-hour teacher training course “introduction to mindfulness and neuroscience” to a group of up to 25 teachers.
• The course delivers theoretical knowledge from the fields of neuroscience and psychology, accompanied by mindfulness practices and social-emotional learning tools and pedagogies.