our team

Dr. Inbal Linchevski

Head of research and evaluation

PhD. from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Lecturer at Reichman University

Tamar Haviv

Program director

MA in educational management and leadership. Former school principal and an expert in educational entrepreneurship

Prof. Nava Levit Binnun


Neuroscientist and head of The Sagol Center for Brain and Mind, Reichman University

Alona Eisenberg

Year 3 coordinator, leadership development, school mentor and guide

MA in work relations, organizational consultant specializing in leadership development

ד״ר נועה אלבלדה, מסגל התוכנית

Dr. Noa Albalda

Science communication director

PhD in neuroscience from the Tel-Aviv University. Lecturer at Reichman University. An expert in science communication in educational settings

אלון אלקובי, מסגל התוכנית

Alon Alkoby

Purple Lab director, Head of content development

MA in social psychology, educational entrepreneur. Founding member and teacher at the "Sfat Hakeshev" (the language of attention) association

Chen Kas

Content development, school mentor and guide

"Sfat Hakeshev" (the language of attention) teacher, listening circles in education guide

יעל סטרץ, מצות התוכנית

Yael Star

Content development, school mentor and guide

MA in educational management and leadership. School teacher and "Sfat Hakeshev" (the language of attention) teacher

Einat Aroch

Leadership development

MBA. Specializing in change and innovation processes in organizations. A founding member of the MIFRAS organization for educational entrepreneurship

Nirit Rakotch

School mentor and guide

MA in educational management, ROSHA program laureate. Vise principal and pedagogical coordinator at the Hayovel high school, Herzliya

Dr. Yuval Tzur

Mentor and guide in municipalities

PhD. in organizational behavior, lecturer at The Management College, MBSR guide

Adi Gnapp

Research and evaluation

BA in psychology from the Reichman University, completing an MA in clinical psychology

Ofra Ziv

School mentor and guide

Msc. in organizational psychology, "Sfat Hakeshev" (the language of attention) teacher, mindfulness guide and therapist

Tal Frenkel

School mentor and guide

BA in democratic education, MA in children's and teenager's culture research. "Sfat Hakeshev" (the language of attention) teacher. Children's author

Yael Aricha-Monson

School mentor and guide

MA in art therapy, "Sfat Hakeshev" (the language of attention) teacger, MBSR guide

Shira Levin


BA in architecture and urban planning and an MA in education. MBSR guide

Dr. Ohad Bar-David


PhD in psychology. Rehabilitation psychologist. Lecturer at various academic institutions and integrates mindfulness in therapy and teaching

Amir David


Educator and psychotherapist. Finishing a PhD. on mindfulness at the School of Education at Haifa University

David Lev


MA in movement therapy. Spiritual advisor, senior practitioner of the motivational approach for behavior modification, combines mindfulness with therapy

Iris Elbin


MBSR guide. Works with children and youth at risk

Michal Helman


MBSR guide and "Sfat Hakeshev" (language of education) teacher

שימי לוי, מסגל התוכנית

Shimi Levy-Yishuvi

Mindfulness applications in education advisor

Founder and developer of the "Sfat Hakeshev" (the language of attention) program. Pioneer in the field of mindfulness in education in Israel and worldwide

ד״ר אורה סתר

Dr. Ora Setter

Leadership and organization development advisor

Chairwoman of PIE, the Israeli community for organizational change and development. Expert in developing mindful leadership in organizations

Yigal Ben Aharon


Integrative psychotherapist, MA in psychodrama and art therapy, mindfulness guide

Zohar Rosner

Operations Manager

Financial manager in start-up companies and schools

מיה לזר שלם, מסגל התוכנית

Maya Shalem

Mindfulness applications in education - preschool and elementary school advisor

Senior "Sfat Hakeshev" (the language of attention) teacher. Expert in mindfulness applications in preschool and elementary school

ד״ר אורן ארגז, מסגל התוכנית

Prof. Oren Ergas

Contemplative pedagogy advisor

Senior lecturer at Beit Berl College of education. Expert in mindfulness and contemplative pedagogy in education